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Dental Imaging

Dental imaging is a technique used to help your dentist locate and diagnose areas of concern, in combination with a physical exam. Minimal amounts of radiation penetrate your dental structures, and hit the film producing the x ray image. Your dentist then uses this to locate the specific cause of your pain or areas of concern. X rays can also reveal any defects in the structure of your teeth and bones. The dental imaging used in today’s practices allows for your dentist to see even more detailed information such as cavities, infections, locate masses, and even bone loss.

To provide the best diagnosis, your dentist will use a variety of dental imaging techniques.

Digital X-rays

This is one of Dentistry’s most important advancements in helping doctors diagnose patients. Digital X ray technology has replaced the traditional type of films used for conventional X-rays and utilizes electronic sensors instead. The images now appear on computers almost instantaneously instead of waiting for the traditional films to develop and utilizes 90% less radiation! This leads to a safer and quicker diagnosis for you, the patient.


Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera is a small video camera, about the size of a large pen or marker, that collects images of your teeth and gums outside structure, instead of from the inside like an x ray. During your exam, you and your dentist can view on the monitor the images being taken from the camera. It will gently be inserted into your mouth, along your teeth and gums, to take images from any angle and locate areas of decay, cracks, or other concerns. Working with the information collected from the oral exam, digital x-rays, and the intraoral camera gives your dentist the best view possible of your entire oral health, helping them to create your diagnosis and treatment.

Identifying the reason for your dental pain or concerns is the first step towards proper treatment. Our professional team is dedicated to locating and resolving all your dental concerns. Would you like more information about our dental imaging services or curious about what your insurance covers? Contact us today and we would be happy to answer any questions you have or to provide you a cost estimate. When you are ready, schedule your consultation with us at (703) 543-8112.