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There are two types of extractions. If the tooth is still visible above the gums, this is called a simple extraction. Your dentist can remove the tooth easily with forceps. If the tooth has not yet grown in or has been broken below the gumline, your dentist may need to remove gum tissue and/or bone to extract the tooth, this is a surgical extraction. These also may require stitches to properly close the site and help it heal properly. To avoid complications and ensure a quick recovery, it is imperative to follow the aftercare instructions your dentist gives you completely.

Getting your tooth surgically extracted can seem a bit scary, however, because of today’s improved procedures and the use of anesthesia, there really is no need to be concerned. After extraction, your dentist will discuss your plans for tooth replacement and give you the available options to help restore the correction function and symmetry of your smile.

Your dentist at Smile On Dentistry- Centreville will determine which type of extraction you will need, simple or surgical. Don’t wait, give us a call today at (703) 543-8112 to schedule your extraction consultation appointment.