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Mouth Guards

If you have considered a custom-fit mouth guard, your dentist will need to prescribe and then create one for you. These professionally made guards are created using thermoplastic materials. During your appointment, a mold will be taken of your mouth and teeth, then the mold is used to form and create your custom made mouth guard. Whether used for protection while playing sports, or to prevent your teeth from grinding at night, they are custom made for each intended use. Work with your dentist for any adjustments needed for the thickness of the guard to ensure a perfect fit for your mouth.

The impression is usually created using dental putty. It easily conforms to every crevice on each tooth, creating an exact mold of your mouth. Your dentist will send your mold to the dental lab where they will actually create your custom made mouth guard. To create the structure of the guard, they will precisely layer superheated plastic and then let it cool. This process creates an extremely durable piece of custom dental wear.

Due to the fact that these mouthguards are made with such customized detail based on your unique mold, they will provide you with optimal comfort and safety. There is no better protection for your mouth than with a custom-fitted mouth guard. They are far more durable than generic mouth guards and offer unmatched comfort.

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