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Traditional Crowns

There are different types of traditional crowns:

  • Ceramic – This type of crown is best suited for those that have metal allergies, and for restoring teeth in the front because they blend well with your other natural teeth. They can best match the color of your surrounding teeth. They may cause additional wear to the surrounding teeth over time however. Ceramic crowns are made of a material which is porcelain-based.
  • Porcelain – fused to metal – These crowns have a stronger bond than porcelain only or resin crowns because the porcelain is fused to a strong metal structure. Overtime, the metal near the gumline can become visible. They are extremely durable and can be matched very closely to your natural tooth color.
  • Gold alloys – This crown has a combination of several metals, including gold and copper. It provides a very secure bond to the tooth and will not wear away or fracture the tooth as other types of crowns can.
  • Base metal alloys – These crowns are made of non-noble metals (ie, nickel, cobalt, chromium or berylliumthat). These metals are extremely resistant against corrosion and create a very strong crown. In addition to strength, these crowns also require very little alteration to the original tooth and minimal tooth preparation prior to fitting.

How long will my traditional crown treatment take?

Treatment usually is spread over two different office visits. The first appointment will be when your dentist will begin to prepare and shape the tooth and remove decay. An impression will also be taken and then your temporary crown will be made, fitted and secured into place to protect your tooth until the final crown is made. This appointment usually takes between 30-60 minutes. You will also schedule your second appointment at this time, usually 2-3 weeks from your first appointment. This time frame is needed for the dental lab to create your custom made crown.

Your second appointment is for the fitting and placement of your permanent crown. This appointment usually lasts around 20 minutes and generally does not require any numbing, or very little as there is no pain associated with placing the crown.

Your Smile On Dentist will evaluate and discuss with you if a traditional crown is the right treatment option for you. Call us at (703) 543-8112.