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Dental crowns

Dental crowns are a covering or “cap” which is placed securely on top of a natural tooth to restore the appearance of its shape, size or to improve its overall strength.

You may need a crown…

  • To protect a tooth which has been decayed to prevent further decay.
  • To repair and restore a broken tooth.
  • For a dental bridge to keep it in place.
  • If you have a tooth that is severely discolored.

What you can expect during your crown procedure.

First, we will anesthetize the tooth area to avoid any discomfort or pain for you during the treatment process. Once your dentist has confirmed that the area is completely numb, your dentist will begin to shape the tooth to ensure the proper fit for your crown. An impression of your tooth will be taken and sent to the dental tab which will help the technician create and construct your crown, this usually takes about 3 weeks. After the impression is made, a temporary crown will be affixed over your tooth with a temporary cement to give the tooth protection until the actual crown is received. When your custom made crown arrives, you’ll come back to Smile On Dentistry to have your permanent custom made crown fitted and secured into place.

The benefits of a crown:

  • Durability – crowns often last over a decade, however with proper care and maintenance, crowns can last several decades or more!
  • Protection – crowns seal off your tooth from further decay and cracking, if cared for.
  • Chewing will be returned to normal
  • Talking will return to normal (if teeth that affect your speech which were missing or damaged)
  • Regain your confident, natural, and healthier smile

Don’t wait another day with painful, damaged teeth. Call us today at (703) 543-8112 to schedule your appointment for a new crown.

Traditional Crowns

Have you been suffering with cracked or broken teeth? Has your dentist recommended a crown to help cover misshapen teeth or to restore the strength and appearance of a damaged tooth? Traditional crowns are cemented into place and fully enclose the portion of a tooth which you see, from the gum line and above. They look and feel just like your natural teeth, giving you the confidence to live life and regain your smile again.

Visit our Traditional Crowns page to learn more.